A Quick Update from Pressing.

My life is changing, but this newsletter isn't going anywhere.

I’m Scott Nover. Welcome back to Pressing, a newsletter about press freedom. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so here and receive this letter in your inbox every Tuesday morning as well as special features for paid subscribers.

In June, I left a full-time production job at The Atlantic and was on my own. Around the same time, my primary editor in The Atlantic’s newsroom, whom I had worked with on a consistent freelance basis, left too—which meant that I no longer had a regular home for my writing and reporting. I set out to freelance — really freelance — and get enough writing experience to maybe, possible, hopefully, someday be employed as a full-time reporter.

That was easier said than done. I had some experience working with The Washington Post Magazine, and a consistent editing gig at The DC Line, a local news outlet, but really no substantive relationships with editors or an understanding of how to do what I had set out to do. But the biggest frustration early on was that editors wouldn’t respond to me. I had ideas, but very few people that wanted to work with me. Mostly, I was frustrated that I couldn’t write when I wanted to write.

In the back of my head, I knew I wanted to write more about press freedom and media law. Some of the most impactful stories I’ve written had been about physical threats and legal battles involving journalists. I just wanted to learn more about this world into which I had only dipped my toes.

So, between that need to write and the tickling thought that I should dive deeper into press freedom, I started Pressing. It’s been a great decision. I’ve had fun, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve met amazing people and I’m thrilled for what’s to come.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a job. A real job. A real-life reporting job. In some ways, it meant that everything I had done until that point made sense. I left my production job for a reason. My months of freelancing, ambling about Washington, D.C. — working sporadically, building sources and connections on my own dime, hoping for consistent or higher-paying or higher-profile work — had paid off.

I’m now working as a reporter for Adweek, covering social media platforms. I just started last week and I’m thrilled to be in full swing, learning to cover this new beat at a fascinating time for the tech industry and for the country. I have a lot to learn, a lot of people to meet and a lot of work to do — but it feels good. I’m happy.

Here’s even better news: Pressing isn’t going anywhere. I’ll keep writing posts for free and paid subscribers, bringing you press freedom and media law news and, when needed, my analysis. Could the format or frequency change? It could, but I’m still trying to figure that out. Will the focus change? No, but I’ll be zeroing in on social media in my day job, so don’t be surprised if there’s more in here about the role of tech platforms here forward.

For now, I’m taking a short break from Pressing until I feel more settled in my new job — plus, I have a vacation to London planned for this week (that I booked a long time before I knew I’d have a job)! So, if you don’t get a newsletter from me in the next couple of weeks, that’s why. Pressing should be back at the end of February.

Until then, thank you so much for reading and for your support. As always, if you’d like to upgrade to a paid subscription and support the work that I do, the link is right here.

— S