Be back soon!

Taking a break from Pressing

Hey everyone! I’m going on a bit of a hiatus from this newsletter for the time being. Life and work have been busy and I haven’t had the requisite time to devote to writing this every week.

Thank you SO much for reading Pressing the last two years and to all who have donated to keep it going. I have paused the subscription feature so anyone donating through that means will not be charged from here forward. If you’ve recently donated and want a refund, please let me know—no hard feelings at all.

Please stay subscribed, though! You’ll receive fewer emails from me, but I would like to keep writing Pressing on an occasional basis. And one day, I’d love to start it up for real again.

In the mean time, you can find my professional writing at Quartz (!

Thanks so much for reading about press freedom and online speech.

See you soon,